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The Ultimate Interactive Game

Our Interactive Games can be customized to fit your location and unique desires.

Your team will collaborate with hands on experiences, deciphering clues and solving puzzles. These challenging games enable everyone on your team to contribute, highlighting leadership skills and various strengths.

Transform any corporate event into an extraordinary success! Business meetings, brainstorming sessions, team off-sites, and holiday parties all are enriched with the fun technology addition with The Realm Beyond.

How does it work?

Check your confirmation email! You will meet your scavenger hunt game facilitator downtown at The Realm Beyond, 1403 Lavaca Street at the Austin Visitor Center, 602e 4th Street Austin, Texas 78701.

You will receive an orientation to the game, then you will use the map in the game with the iPad provided to locate up to 15 GPS crystals that present fun challenges for your group to solve.

Solve all puzzles, riddles and augmented reality elements within the time limit to earn a spot on the leaderboard.

How much does it cost?

Affordable corporate offsite pricing available by contacting [email protected] 512-495-9250. All pricing includes custom game creation, facilitation and support.

Can large groups be accommodated?

Yes. No matter the size, we can handle organizing the fun.

How do I book a custom tour/game?

Tell us via phone or email…

1- How many people do you anticipate will play?

2- What is the desired date and start time for this activity?

3- Where would you like to start the experience?

4- What type of game interests you most, Magic Portal’s AR Scavenger Hunts or MindFall, A Spy Adventure?

How Do I Make A Reservation?

Email Us today. [email protected]

Phone: (512) 495-9250

Phone 512-495-9250
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1403 Lavaca Street Austin, Texas 78701

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